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VORs and SDRs part 3 supplemental materials

I recently posted part 3 of the VORs and SDRs series. In this video, I look into the instrument landing system (ILS), and how it works. I just uploaded the raw baseband data and GNU Radio companion document for anyone that wants to play around with it:

GNURadio Companion GRC file
Baseband data

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VORs and SDRs Part 1 & 2 Supplemental materials

Part 1

Part 2

I want to share some supplemental materials to go along with this video. In the attached zip file, I’ve included the raw samples (32k/sec sample rate, roughly centered carrier) and the GNU Radio Companion file for basic processing. I’d be very interested to see if others can squeeze out a little better performance.

Also, this is the path that I took. It may help understand the angles. I need to make clear that I’m not at all certain that the absolute angles are representative to compass points. I’m only looking at relative angles at this point. Eventually I’ll calibrate the system using a known VOR calibration location (there is one at the Corvallis airport).

This is the path I took while collecting the VOR data. Ignore the drive time

This is the path I took while collecting the VOR data.


Google Earth tracks from Garmin G300 flight logs

Flight log results in Google Earth

Flight log results in Google Earth

I’ve been working on my private pilots license for the last few months.  The primary plane that I’ve been using is the Cessna SkyCatcher.  I’ve included a photo of an example of this plane below.  It’s a fun aircraft, other than the fact that two normal-sized adult males can’t take full fuel. Read the rest of this entry »

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